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Our value and success will be measured by outcomes, not outputs. Our strength and stability will depend on our willingness to be in a perpetual state of change, and an ability to execute and adapt faster than competitors. Learn More…

Web Design / Development

Everyone needs a High Quality Website that sells your services or products.  We will help you ease your Lead Generation & Speed Up your Conversion Process. Get Superiority over Competitors Today!

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Video Brochures

Video Brochures are the only way to deliver Video Content into the hands of your Target Audience. Video Brochures can contain any type of Video you wish to influence your customers.

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Explainer Video Animation

Increase your Sales in 60 seconds! Your competitors that include an Explainer Video or an Whiteboard Animation on their Website are Averaging 38% more Sales. So what are you waiting for?

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Video Resumes

We’ve all been there, going up against 20 other people for the job you think you’re perfect for. You wonder what really separates you from them, and there are a million things that do.

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Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard Animation Videos have been one of the Most Innovative tools for creating Visual Online Content recently. Grab your Audience’s attention, keep them watching longer, and move them to take action.

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Professional Voice Overs

Looking for a Voice Over for your next Script or Video? 72-Pixels can provide your with the Perfect Voice – Record It, Edit It, Master It and Deliver It in a Ready-To-Use-Format! 

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Still & Motion Filming

With years of shooting corporate, fashion and product photography, We at
72-Pixels offer the most refined marketing, media and graphic design professionals finer innovative options.

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Content Development

Today, brands are forced to become storytellers, charming and differentiating themselves to influence the hearts and minds of consumers. Take a pledge today to wow your audience!

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Our Process

01 / Discover

First, we closely study and understand your requirements and formulate a few ideas till you’re 100% satisfied with the project brief.


04 / Execute

After approvals of the final design, a swift execution process with attention to detail and 72-Pixels high standards is put in place.

02 / Create

Once you’re happy with the concept, we put pen to paper and create a few drafts of the project with several concepts.


05 / Deliver

Once complete, we deliver the project to you immediately, via the web or in person often exceeding the client’s initial expectation.

03 / Refine

As clear as the brief may be, your involvement is where it gets fun! It’s absolutely key to us creating THE perfect outcome together.


06 / Technical Support

We excel in providing after sales support to help you troubleshoot any issues or make any minor changes you wish to make.

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Contact Us

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